Unfortunately, the radical progressive left is in complete control of the Democratic Caucus in Virginia. They nominated far-left liberals who are out of the mainstream who will push their far-left agenda on every Virginian.

Associated Press: “Democrats faced more primaries this cycle and ended up with more turnover, including the ouster of several of the Senate’s more moderate members.”
Fox News: “The dismissive approach from the two Democrats toward parental rights comes less than a year and a half after Youngkin’s shock victory over former Democratic Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe in the state’s 2021 gubernatorial election.”

Everything we’ve accomplished so far – empowering parents, cutting taxes, backing the blue, and jumpstarting Virginia’s economy – is at stake.
To take Virginia to the next level, Governor Youngkin needs your early vote. Because your vote matters. Together, we will:

  • Fight to let hardworking Virginia families keep more of their paychecks
  • Put parents in control of their children’s education
  • Stand with law enforcement and keep criminals off our streets
  • Keep Virginians in control of our economy, not Californians